Adding RTMPS for streaming to Facebook

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Facebook stopped support for RTMP on November 1, 2019. The supported method now is to use an RTMPS stream. Nginx by default does not support RTMPS, and therefore we need to apply a workaround. The workaround will be to add STunnel, a service that helps establish secure encrypted tunnels. In our case, we will create […]

Custom RTMP server for simulcasting (Dummies Version)

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This is the second of a multipart series on creating a custom RTMP server on the cloud to help you Simulcast to multiple platforms. You can read the previous post here. Now with lockdown is in place, live streams are on the rise, be it on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, or the multitude of other social […]

Amazon Lightsail

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You might have heard of Amazon Webservices (AWS), the market leader in cloud services. Typically, when it comes to an enterprise, the compute option that is generally chosen is EC2, or Elastic Cloud Compute. This gives you greater control and customization options, and for a beginner who is planning to host a small server on […]